More Proof Of Saddam’s WMDs

On December 5, 2008, in Politics & Elections, War on Terror, by Trenton Hansen

Paul Weyrich had a great column yesterday regarding the AP’s coverage of the evidence of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons program, and why it has been so long in coming.

Weyrich points out that the reasons for the silence from the Bush Administration on the matter has been for National Security reasons–in other words, what we should expect from an honorable Commander-in-chief.

Now that this story has broken over the AP wire, we can fully appreciate what Pres. Bush has endured from the lying opposition of the Left. Weyrich asks the question, will these people finally apologize for their persecution of Pres. Bush and his associates? Probably not. But, will Scooter Libby finally be pardoned? Let’s hope so.

Update: the original story appears here.

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