The New Face Of Tyranny

On November 9, 2008, in Government & Law, Ideology & Philosophy, by Trenton Hansen

President-elect Barak Obama announced today that he is considering the use of Executive Order to overturn some of President Bush’s policies, specifically regarding offshore drilling and Stem Cell research. If he reinstates the prohibition on offshore drilling, we can expect to see an immediate rise in the price of oil, which will cause the price of gas to increase.

This is one of my primary gripes about the current state of Washington DC; the rule of law is almost meaningless now. What’s more, the use of Executive Orders, by either Republicans or Democrats, contributes to the erosion of the rule of law in America. Both sides wield them as political weapons to undo the previous administration’s “mistakes.” In their selfish grabs for power, neither party recognizes the consequences of their actions.

For example, oil companies watched the repeal of the EO that prohibited drilling off the continental shelf, and yet did nothing. But their inaction was a carefully considered response to Washington’s instability. Most oil companies expected the Democrats to reinstate the prohibition on drilling on the shelf as soon as they possibly could, and so did not move to take advantage of the opportunity. They knew that doing so would simply be a waste of time and money.

If Washington really followed the rule of law, these companies could move ahead confident that the actions of government generally could be predicted. As things now stand, predictability is limited to the party level, which results in being able to predict the actions of one party or another. But it is impossible to determine which party will hold power after the next election, and this uncertainty effectively freezes innovation and research in a host of industries including oil and gas.

The deemphasizing of the rule of law has other effects as well. Proposition 8 in California is an example of how the rule of law is ignored by the liberals in social policy. The people have spoken twice about their decisions on gay marriage, yet liberals vow to continue to challenge the voice of the People in court. How they intend to get the courts to overturn the State Constitution is yet unknown, but the fact that they are even considering it is disturbing.

Additionally, the disregard for the rule of law causes voter apathy, as people realize that politicians have only their own power and special interests at heart, and fail to show interest in the will of the people. This is specifically what the people were hoping Obama was promising to change. How disappointed those people will be.

The problem ultimately lies with unchecked Liberalism. Liberalism is an ideology that considers all things fluid. The Constitution is a living, breathing document. Law can be created or overturned by the courts. Any interpretation of the law is justified, while strict constructionism is rejected. The Rule of Law and Liberalism are mutually exclusive. Liberalism is truly the rule of will, which has historically been the definition of tyranny.

The people of California arrived at these decisions through legitimate democratic processes. But the result is not what Liberals want, so they refuse to acknowledge the results. This rejection directly undermines those democratic processes. In their stubborn selfishness, Liberals will ultimately destroy the very system of government, the beauties of which they are so fond of lecturing us about.

Modern Liberalism sees the state as the ultimate source of power and authority. The people are simply assets of the state. The elitist nature of Liberalism says that most of the people cannot take care of themselves, and therefore it is right and just that the elite should take care of them. The people have a voice only inasmuch as they are allowed a voice by the ruling elite, which happens only when the message matches that of the elite. The idea that the state should exist only to carry out the will of the people is anathema to Liberalism.

In summary, Liberalism, as pointed out by Jonah Goldberg, is another name for Fascism. Until we can root out Liberalism, America will decay and Liberty will continue to decline in America and around the world.

Do Democrats Hate You?

On September 2, 2008, in Ideology & Philosophy, Politics & Elections, by Trenton Hansen

Democrats got some bad news yesterday: Hurricane Gustav wasn’t as bad as it could have been. It was downgraded to a category 2 storm, and made landfall to the west of New Orleans. Does this mean that God isn’t on their side after all? Will “Foul Fowler” really apologize now?

Not only was Gustav weaker than the Democrats had hoped, it missed our oil derricks in the gulf as well, which resulted in a drop of nearly $7 in the price of a barrel of oil.

What does it say about these people who have to hope for the worst to happen to people? There’s something deeply wrong there, and very disturbing.

Here’s a fine example of why Barak Obama must be defeated in November. With morons like this guy supporting his positions, we’ll all soon be enjoying the fruits of American Liberalism–we’ll all be dirt poor, our standard of living will fall through the floor, we will see the rise of a new European lifestyle in the big cities of America, and abject poverty and death in the small towns, the jobless rate will skyrocket, and crime rates will follow, and a depression far deeper and more vast will begin here in America as corporations move overseas, and will engulf the entire global economy that will last for at least 4 years.

This is why the Electoral College is so vitally important–more so now than ever. If it were up to the educated idiots who live in places like New York and Los Angeles, the rest of the country would have become a trash heap long ago. These people think nothing exists beyond what they can see from the tallest skyscraper. To their understanding, there are no wide stretches of open land in America. There is only a 200-mile stretch once you leave New York before you get to L.A. The only reason they don’t travel there via ground transportation is because the subways don’t connect.

Sean Hannity repeated a quote by someone, I forget who, who could not understand how a Republican could win in an election, when nobody they knew voted for them. It’s the same principle on a larger scale. They don’t believe anything exists outside their own little sphere.

And the sphere includes not just space, but time as well. They are completely ignorant of the lessons of experience and history. You can’t point out to them how the policies of Barak Obama are not much more than Jimmy Carter’s policies revisited, and therefore will have a similar effect. The difference is that because of this lame-brained tendency to refuse to learn the correct lessons, they think these policies will work this time if only they try harder, or work at making government even larger and more powerful, or take more of our money. They think it will be different because the people involved are different.

Barak Obama is a full-blown Marxist. If he gets elected, America will have fulfilled Nikita Khrushchev’s prediction of one day becoming a Communist nation by our own stupidity:

You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept Communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.

Given the behavior of the current Democratic leadership, and the goals of Barak Obama and his liberal friends, is there any wonder about whom Khrushchev was speaking when he said “we.” there is only one explanation for the complete opposition by the Democrats to forestall the slide of our economy into chaos and wreckage by allowing us to drill for oil in our own country, only one explanation for their policies of the past 40 years. They have become the enemy. Traitors to their own people, they have sold themselves out for the chance to wield power over mankind. They are Stalin’s useful idiots. They are not our countrymen; they do not belong among us.

(Updated) I have long held, and often said, that Leftists are abusive, violent people underneath their compassionate veneers. Their history betrays them. Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Che Guevara, all leftists, and all murderers.

In our society, we don’t see them murdering others. Instead we see a different kind of violence–a psychological rather than physical violence. Thomas Sowell has written a column today that explains what I mean.

Dr. Sowell exposes abuse of the same character as found in Jonah Goldberg’s recent book, Liberal Facism. In it, Mr. Goldberg delivers well-documented evidence of the Left’s heritage of coercion. The American flavor of Fascism comes with smiles and institutional programs and rehabilitation. The insidious nature of the American Left’s abuse is the assurance that it’s for your own good.

Dr. Sowell highlights another aspect of Leftism in America–those programs designed to “help” people who are incapable of helping themselves. The American Left sees itself as superior to everyone else on the planet. Their arrogance and self-adulation are the source of their belief in their own moral superiority. But in order to feel vindicated, they need some outward evidence of that superiority. As Dr. Sowell points out, that’s where they latch onto others, preferably people of color, or other types of minorities (i.e. the poor, women, the disabled, etc). These people become trophies. They are used as evidence of the Left’s goodness.

The abuse is not limited to the American Left, either. A news report from MSN shows that child sexual abuse by UN peacekeeping forces and humanitarian experts is widespread and little or nothing is done to curb the problem. These are not right-wingers arranging sex-for-food deals with 14-year-old girls. What is the Left’s response? Demands that we reinstate funding for abortions overseas.

Glenn Beck’s column gives us another view of the results of the “help” the left offers. It is unfortunate that some republicans have parroted the line about immigrants filling jobs Americans won’t do. In their attempts at being compassionate, those who favor illegal immigration by doing nothing to stop it have created what Glenn calls “Corporate slavery.”

The living conditions described in some of Glenn’s examples are appalling. Perhaps the line should be reworked to say “living the life Americans won’t live.” The Left has a contemptible knack for looking the other way when their ideas produce misery. This isn’t compassion. It is the natural result of believing you are superior to everyone else. The Left traffics in Condescension, and there is enough for everyone.

The Left does nothing out of true charity or altruism. Everything is calculated to produce some kind of gain whether it be political, financial, or otherwise. In countries where civility has not firmly taken root, murder may be one of the methods used to produce such gain.

The Left always seeks power over others. Invariably the stated goal is the good of the people. It is alarming how many must die as part of the achievement of that goal. Some argue the world would be better off if the Left did not exist. One thing is certain–there would be a lot more people.