You know, it’s a strange thing. The liberal voices who insist that we must change the way we do things always point to either Europe or Great Britain as models for how we should behave. The problem is that this is not a comparison of apples to apples.

Take gas consumption for example. The liberal fascists wants us to reduce our consumption of gas to match that of Europe. They think we should be paying the same prices for gas as they do in Europe, somewhere around 10 thousand dollars a gallon. Europeans actually have the lowest prices for gas on the planet; their sympathetic attitude toward radical jihadists qualifies them for the Al-Qaeda employee discount. Once they add in the taxes, well, you can see what happens.

The taxes are part of why Europeans don’t drive much. It’s also the reason they can eat really heavy, fat-filled foods and not have heart attacks. Seriously–my friends who have lived in Europe tell me that they don’t offer fat-free foods in their supermarkets. Why should they? Riding a bike everywhere burns off the calories pretty quick. Taxes are how the Europeans control behavior.

The liberals here in America think they are going to institute similar measures to control us. What they don’t understand is that Europeans have a long tradition of being second-class citizens. They lived for many years under the rule of kings, long after we threw our king out. Some gradually managed to put together new forms of government under Presidents or Prime Ministers, but they insisted that these new governments continue to act like kings. The Brits even kept their king around, just as a reminder.

The liberals want us to sign on to the Kyoto Protocol to reduce our carbon emissions, like Europe. Trouble is, high energy taxes were already forcing them to use less gas by rarely driving and were were forcing them to forgo air conditioning. Remember the heat wave France had a couple of years ago, where thousands of people died of heat exhaustion in their own homes because they couldn’t afford to pay for air conditioning? The Europeans were already using far less energy than we do as a whole, and they still can’t meet their Kyoto requirements. What on earth makes the crazy liberals think the results will be different here?

We probably can do better than we are–we could lose some weight, we could stop smoking, or ride a bike more often. But we don’t need government using tax policy to control our behavior (the FairTax would fix all that). In fact, our traditions say that government shouldn’t be dictating how we live our lives, as long as we aren’t hurting others. The Kyoto Protocol, if ratified, would become part of the law of the land equal to the Constitution–a Constitutional mandate for Government to control our behavior. Cheers to George W. Bush for rejecting it, and Jeers to John McCain for wanting to sign it.

The liberals want us to save the planet, drive less, lose weight, stop smoking, and live closely packed together in a few big cities, rather than a lot of little towns. They don’t want us to have guns. They want us to be only fashionably religious. They want us to be second-class citizens ruled by an elite monarchial government. Most of all, though, they want to be King.

As a Utah State delegate, I have spent many hours studying the issues raised by the three major candidates for Congress in my home district. It may come at the 11th hour, but I am now confident in one candidate: Jason Chaffetz. Please let me list some of the reasons I came to this decision.

Chris Cannon is the incumbent. He has been in office for about 15 years. He has done some good things in Congress, but he has also done some really unexplainable things.

His support of President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” Act left many of us in Utah wondering what he was thinking, especially after Utah moved to exempt itself from the regulations requirements. It was not a popular piece of legislation here.

Chris faced strong criticism, even from me personally, for his position favoring in-state tuition for children of illegal aliens in Utah’s colleges and Universities. Cannon’s position was that the children didn’t commit the crime of coming here illegally. Why should they be punished for their parents transgressions? Doug Wright, a local talk show host, was a loud voice in support of Cannon’s position.

My friend Chris Herrod, a Utah State lawmaker, explained that giving the children of illegal aliens the benefit of in-state tuition rates was wrong. Suppose a man embezzles a million dollars from the company he works for, and puts the money in a trust account for his children. Have the children done anything wrong? No, but lawfully they have no right to enjoy that money. The children of illegal aliens are not being punished. We need to stop feeling guilty for withholding privileges from those who do not have claim to them.

David Leavitt is the other candidate. He is the brother of former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt, now head of the EPA. David was appointed Juab County Prosecutor a few years ago. It can be argued that the recent events in Texas are a direct result of Leavitt’s successful prosecution of polygamist Tom Green for marrying underage girls.

Leavitt comes across as the collected statesman. Though he relies on examples of the statesmanship of the Founding Fathers, he doesn’t seem to have the same passion they obviously had. He is very earnest in his feelings for our country, but he says he wants to create consensus without compromise. He naively believes that the liberals in Congress and elsewhere can be brought in with expressions of compassion and logic. He doesn’t seem to understand that logic is foreign to liberals. In fact, some liberals will eschew logic outright as a creation of western (read “white”) civilization. You cannot convince someone of an absolute truth, when they don’t even believe that absolute truth exists.

We at the Conservative Front are proud to endorse Jason Chaffetz for Congress in Utah’s 3rd District. Jason has the foundation, the correct understanding of First Principles, the statesmanship and the passion to bring new life to the House of Representatives. He is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers, even of senior republican leaders like Senator Orrin Hatch or Utah Governor John Hunstman.

That kind of courage is what is sorely lacking in the Republican party in Washington D.C. right now. That lack may well lose the House, the Senate, and the Presidency for the Republicans for many years to come. They have proven that they were more interested in staying elected, so they began pandering to the welfare voters and the government dependents. They lost their focus, and they lost the trust of the American people.

Jason Chaffetz is a breath of fresh air. His passion and courage are desperately needed in Washington D.C. He will be a leader in the mold of Mitt Romney or Ronald Reagan. Please join us in supporting Jason Chaffetz for Congress.

Time to Repeal the 17th Amendment

On July 15, 2004, in Constitution, Government & Law, by Trenton Hansen

The efforts of the Founders in creating a system of government based upon checks and balances on power have suffered many attacks in the succeeding 215 years since the adoption of the Constitution. But none have been so effective at destroying what they sought to accomplish as the 17th Amendment.

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