I got an email earlier today from my friends at the Utah Republican Assembly. It was forwarded from Bay Buchanan, a nationally known Conservative pundit and author of The Extreme Makeover of Hillary Rodham-Clinton. Ms. Buchanan was US Treasurer from 1981-1983, and she was awarded 2007 Woman of the Year by the Claire Booth Luce Policy Institute. She converted to the LDS Church in 1976 (not that it makes any difference to us folks here in Utah…end sarcasm).

The letter says it all.

Dear Friend,

The race in Utah is heating up and our man, Jason Chaffetz, is closing in on one of La Raza’s favorite congressman, Chris Cannon. You remember the Cannon-he’s famous for saying that in Utah, “We don’t often times make the distinction between legal and illegal [immigrants]”

Two weeks ago, when in Utah for my son’s wedding, I made of point of having lunch with Jason and his wife. I wanted to be certain he was the kind of candidate who deserved the endorsement of Team America and your support as well.

I am excited to tell you he is all that and more. Solid on the issues, Tancredo-good on immigration-Jason is also tough and gutsy. He will not buckle under pressure. Jason is exactly what we need in Washington.

I just spoke with Jason and he is really thrilled with the feel of the campaign. As well he should be-he has closed to within 2% of Cannon!!!

But he needs our help if he is to beat Cannon. The establishment, ethnic lobbyists, and corporate buddies are once again pouring money into Cannon’s coffers. They know he is a solid vote for their amnesty and guest worker bills. They will do all they can to keep Cannon in Congress-and Jason out.

Jason’s knows he needs to get his message right to the people with strong radio ads. He has already cut the ads-now he needs to raise the money to get them on air!

And Chris Cannon is up to his old tricks. His website has an outrageously misleading video on immigration in which Cannon claims to be against amnesty!! We need to help Jason get the facts out about Cannon’s record and Jason will win this congressional seat.

He needs our help and he needs it now. If there is anyway you can make a contribution to him please do so TODAY. Jason has promised me that all the money Team America raises for him will be used to buy radio Your generous contribution will be used for Jason’s radio buy.

If you want to make your contribution directly to his campaign at his website. Otherwise contribute to Team America and mark in the comment section “For Jason”. We will then send Jason-overnight-a check for the total amount of earmarked contributions. (Team America keeps no portion of contributions earmarked for candidates.)

Thanks again for everything you do to protect and secure this nation.

Warmest regards,
Bay Buchanan

2% is likely within the statistical margin of error. Jason can win this election. The people of Utah are tired of Cannon’s empty rhetoric and constant inaction. Glenn Beck told his listeners today about the 6,000 people who have been killed along our border with Mexico over the past couple of years by violent gangs. Our legislators knew almost nothing about it. This is why we need strength in Congress. We need someone who can shake those dullards out of their sleepy comfort. Congress needs a new spine. Chris Cannon has failed us in that regard.

Let’s really hit Cannon hard in the next few weeks. Go Jason!

15 Responses to “Jason Chaffetz Within Two Percent of Chris Cannon”

  1. Chad Nichols says:

    Trenton, thanks for posting the letter. What a great endorsement! It’s fabulous to be part of this movement. Go Jason!! Chad.

  2. Emily E says:

    I was listening to Glenn Beck yesterday about the border problems. It’s an absolute shame that no one has been reporting on it. And it’s an absolute shame that our representatives are doing nothing about it. This fence isn’t going to fix the problem. We need to take a good hard look within our own borders and fix that problem. Cannon has had a history of supporting illegal immigration and free trade agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA, and the FTAA. It’s time for someone new.

  3. PJ says:

    Nice alternate history, Emily! NAFTA was passed before Chris Cannon was elected. He’s co-sponsored, supported and voted for bills to erect the border fence (HR 6061), release Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean, establish the REAL ID Act (HR 418), hire more Border Agents (HR 4437), require employers to verify legal status of employees (HR 4437) etc., — the kinds of strategies Glenn Beck advocates. What’s Jason Chaffetz done about illegal immigration besides make empty promises?

  4. Trenton says:


    I think you’re the one inventing history. Emily only said Cannon supported NAFTA, not that he sponsored it. I also noticed that you didn’t actually address those concerns–you, like so many liberal opponents I have encountered, only attempt to turn the argument around. It’s called misdirection, and it’s not a legitimate way of making an argument.

    You have cited four bills co-sponsored or supported by our dear incumbent, yet not one sponsored bill. Why is it that, with our immigration issues in Utah, Chris Cannon cannot seem to sponsor even one bill to deal with the problem?

    And its not just immigration. Cannon has sponsored exactly zero bills in the last four years, that I am aware of. Chris cannon is one of those old-time Republicans who doesn’t want to rock the boat or make waves. he just wants to get along.

    I say Jason for Congress! He’s not afraid to shake things up in Washington D.C. Jason Chaffetz for Congress!

  5. Politically Active Mom says:

    I’m glad to see a conservative group endorsing Jason Chaffetz. Chris Cannon keeps claiming to be conservative, but his votes don’t match his message. Another constitutionally-based group scores Mr Cannon’s voting as “constitutional” only 31% of the time (and in case you don’t know, that would be information published in “The New American”). I’ll second recent comments made by state Senator Bill Hickman – toss ’em out and START OVER. Go Jason!

  6. Jane says:

    Jason Chaffetz’s stance on illegal immigration is tough. He wants to curtail it here and now. No amnesty. Period. He supports LEGAL immigration and making that process more efficient while not favoring those here illegally to virtually “cutting in front” of those who are trying to follow the rules to legal citizenship. We have laws in place for legal immigration. We need to live by the rule of law and not bend the rules for those who have already broken them. Our national security should mean more to us than that. I support Jason because I think his ideas are sound and I feel that his stances on issues like immigration are more in line with voters in Utah.

  7. Casey says:

    The poll had a margin of error of +/- 7.

    However wide open the poll is,it does show that Cannon may be on his last breathe. Chaffetz won the convention 59%-41%, coming just 9 votes shy of eliminating Cannon than.

    Hopefully on June 24th Cannon will be eliminated.

  8. Jynx says:

    Nothing would please me more than to see Jason in Congress. He actually understands his constituents.
    Cannon doesn’t even know who his constituents are — he is too busy wooing out of state P.A.C.s and cronies with bottomless pockets. He does not represent my point of view on immigration, ‘No Child Left Behind’, role of government, etc. etc. He is not fiscally responsible. He touts his record of passing many bills successfully — but most of them are not substantive and they certainly don’t deal with the problems that are worrying Americans on a daily basis–energy, immigration, the deficit.
    On every issue, Jason represents my point of view. I want him voting for me and for my interests starting in January, 2009. Go Jason!

  9. Chaffetz seems considerably more in line with genuine conservative Republicans like me than Cannon does. In fact, Cannon has disappointed me many times. I wish Chaffetz every success.

  10. Cannon has been doing the “lawyer definition dance” for years. It hasn’t been as blatant as Clinton’s “the definition of ‘is'” but it is still deceptive.

    From the Feb. 6, 2004 World Net Daily:

    Joe Hunter is Cannon’s chief of staff. He told WND he was not surprised the billboard company decided against the ad, saying the statement “Congressman Chris Cannon wants amnesty for illegal aliens” is simply not true.

    “The term ‘amnesty’ becomes troublesome because it means different things to different people,” he said, stating that Cannon believes the term means “when someone is let off the hook for nothing.”

    Rather, Hunter said, Cannon thinks any immigration-reform legislation should put “stringent requirements on [illegal aliens].” He says the congressman is supportive of the Bush plan, though “the specifics are up for discussion.”

  11. Nan says:

    I am all for electing Jason Chaffetz as I have never felt good about Chris Cannon I have only voted for him because I did not want another Dem. in office. Jason is young and has new blood it is exciting for me to have someone who we can trust to go to Washington and voice the opinion of us the people and help get this Great Country back on track in being the Nation it once was. Go Jason you have our votes as a family.

  12. Josh says:

    As usual distorting the congressmans record. I can’t wait till the 24th when Chris is elected again.

  13. Trenton says:


    Can you give specifics about how we’re distorting the Congressman’s record? We’re certainly open to the discussion. If not, trolls are welcome to go elsewhere.

  14. Ilayda says:

    Long live the internet! The trib is anti-Mormon gaabgre, and now the DN will be a pro-Republican diatribe. This news is shocking, and hopefully he won’t last long. He has a lot of controversy sagging on his shoulders, so perhaps his term will be a relatively short one.

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